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  • Rabies

    1. Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP): This involves a series of rabies vaccinations given after a person has been bitten or exposed to the rabies virus. PEP is highly effective in preventing rabies if administered promptly after exposure. 2. Rabies immune globulin (RIG): In addition to the rabies vaccine, RIG may be administered to provide immediate protection against the virus. RIG contains antibodies that help neutralize the virus  Read More

  • Tetanus

    Yes, there is a vaccine for tetanus that can prevent the disease. If someone is infected with tetanus, they may be treated with medications such as antibiotics to kill the bacteria that causes the infection, as well as medications to manage symptoms such as muscle spasms and pain. In severe cases, a tetanus antitoxin may also be given to neutralize the toxins produced by the bacteria. Treatment for tetanus is typically done in a hospital setti  Read More